Monday, March 1, 2010

This Just In

An interesting development occured in a Houston neighborhood today when a 40-something Woman was confronted by her Inner Child. Sadly, the Woman didn't recognize her own younger self at the initial confrontation because it had been so long since they last spoke.

The Inner Child escaped from some kind of compound where she complained of being held against her will and unable to enjoy the light of day for quite some time. After being released, the Inner Child made serious accusations against the Woman. The Inner Child is quoted as saying, "You never play with me" and "You never take me anywhere."

The Woman is said to be reeling from the sudden appearance of her Inner Child. They spent the afternoon snapping photos and painting with watercolors. The Woman claims to have made a resolution to invite the Inner Child to more frequent playdates and was last seen at her kitchen table with purple glitter nail polish. Time will tell.

The photo is one of mine from the Villa de Matel in Houston

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Kathy Kelley said...

I will be checking your nails with hopes of glitter there