Saturday, January 30, 2010

19 Things

I have always been a list maker. A skill learned from my mother and grandmother. In my purse are envelopes with short grocery lists, websites to visit, dates for the calendar, and the name of someone I should call. On my day off one of the first things I do is make a list of all the possibilities for the day. On Mondays, I update my on-going project list. In my journal, almost every other page is a list of some kind. Tonight, I'm having fun with my listing. Here are 19 things I have done in the past month.

1. Rang in the New Year on a cruise to Cozumel with family and 60 of my favorite teenagers.
2. Downloaded and rejected three different photo editing programs.
3. Spent a full morning making my bathroom sparkle.
4. Kept a weekly Sabbath.
5. Started Barbara Kingsolver's new novel, "The Lacuna."
6. Went to the funeral for my husband's grandmother.
7. Heard an amazing message by Father Leo Booth.
8. Filled out middle school applications for my daughter.
9. Passed through the wardrobe to Narnia.(via the Houston Museum in Sugarland)
10. Met a college friend for lunch.
11. Nurtured a new friendship.
12. Dreamed about Haiti.
13. Called my mom.
14. Read an article about environmental affects on gender formation.
15. Discovered Linda Pastan's poetry.
16. Made a valentine wreath for the front door.
17. Met girlfriends for breakfast.
18. Watched all my backyard plants freeze & turn brown.
19. Stood in the driveway to admire the moon.

Would love to see your "19 Things". Consider yourself tagged!

*The image is from New Year's in Cozumel

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