Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Princess and her Brother

There was once a Princess who decided to flee her castle and escape from the kingdom that was her home. The Princess was unhappy because she could not live under the rule of her brother, the Prince, any longer. She was afraid of him.

Night after night, she would sneak away from the castle and run through the moonlit woods. Each time, her brother searched for her and insisted that the Princess return to the castle.

The Princess tried again to escape, but her brother knew what she was up to. He was close behind her and closing in. The Princess stopped between two trees. The trees were out in the open, and the Princess had no hope that she was hidden, but a strange thing happened. The Prince was right next to her and he couldn't see her. The Princess thought to herself, "I've become invisible. My brother can't see me."

The Princess saw a wise Woman from the castle walking into the clearing and straight towards her. The Woman could see the Princess even though the Prince could not. The Princess was afraid that the Woman would give her away, but she didn't. The Woman walked just next to the Princess and said, "I know you want to run away, and I understand why, but your brother cannot rule without you."

The Princess revealed herself to her brother. She sunk to the ground, wrapped her arms around his boots and cried. The Princess begged her brother to forgive her for trying to run away. She asked him to not send her away from her home.

The Prince said, "I will never send you away. I never wanted you to go."

With their alliance restored, the Prince and the Princess, the brother and the sister, ruled wisely and well.

*The image is from TwistedTeen's photostream on Flickr. The story comes from a dream I had last night.

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