Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to Go on a Walk with a Five-year-old Boy

Run out the front door
Rescue earth worms from big water puddle in front of the house
Find a good stick & head down the street
Stir up ant bed
Use finger to write name in mud
Collect different kinds of mud and mash them together
Smell jasmine growing on a fence
Take turns jumping over a drainage ditch full of water
Pick up a piece of shredded tire for pocket
Ask mom to hold mud
Pick up a piece of blue glass for pocket
Throw acorn into the street
Climb on fence
Try to catch a sparrow
Stop to feel breeze
Slide feet in mud
Stomp through puddles
Wipe hands on shirt
Smell magnolia blossom
Wave at fire truck
Rescue more earthworms
Run home for a hot bath

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