Tuesday, March 3, 2009


forgive me
i turned the pages too quickly in your book today
looking for what i wanted to find
a little wary about what might find me instead
and a smidge worried i wouldn't understand what you were
trying to say

forgive me
when i gorge on all the words that say you love me
about how precious i am and all that
but then skim over the parts about somebody poor
and outcast and lonely and needy
and how i am part and parcel of them too

forgive me
when i fill myself with other things
that starve and fatten, depending
i don't even begin to know
my own hunger pains
because i'm light-headed and heavy-hearted

forgive me
for walking across your pages
in my wandering roundabout way
with gold-edged pages
clinging to my legs
as i step an circuitous path

forgive me
the days pass too quickly
and the night lulls me
i didn't save you a spot
i didn't set the table for two
will you come anyway?

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