Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bryan Ward 1969-2009

In 5th grade Bryan sat behind me in homeroom since he was a "W" and I was a "T."
He borrowed my scissors in Mrs. Gallegos class and I got in trouble for asking for them back.
We passed more notes than anyone can count.
In 7th grade Bryan labeled his Texas history salt map with his mother's nail polish.
In 8th grade he read my poems and asked for copies.
He borrowed my American History notes, even though he didn't need them.
Bryan carried a comb in his back pocket to ensure perfectly "feathered" hair.
His glasses made his eyes bluer.
I cheered for him on the football field.
My brother ran with him in cross country.
We danced at school dances.
Our senior year, we had the gift of being in Coach Woodard's biology class & Mrs. Stone's English.
He always told me when I was over the line...way over the line.
Lots of hugs, but not a kiss.
His dad got Huntington's Disease.
Bryan thought about getting tested.
He went to Texas Lutheran University.
He joined the Army and fought in Dessert Storm.
Symptoms started...it was Huntington's.
I married and started my family.
He drove to the house to say good bye.
We sat in the study and he told me that he didn't mind
losing his freedom,
losing his memory,
losing his intelligence,
losing his mobility,
because none of those made him who he really was.
His soul was golden.
He told me about his home in Heaven.
And he is there tonight.
And one day, I'll see him again to talk about old times.

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kathy kelley said...

painful yet beautiful.