Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eulogy for a Rose Bush

I sought you out on Valentine's Day
With gloved hands and pruning shears
My darling under the south window

Your companions to the right and left
In floral anticipation of warmer days
Sent out new red leaves

But not you...only brittle brown canes
Some promising buds, yet
It was too soon to tell

But now I more leaves, no more blooms
No more gathering your abundant flowers
To grace my kitchen window sill

You were my favorite, the most fragrant
And now you are gone
I don't even know your proper name

The rose isn't the only one who is gone
There is another love missing from my Valentines
And from my Spring

How can it be I lost you both in the same year?
Are you blooming for her in heaven?
Is it too much to wonder?

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