Saturday, May 4, 2013

Books I'm Reading

A cookbook from my Grandmother's home.
I have been paging through it in the mornings.

 I am working through Graceful with a group of girls who are about to graduate from high school. It has inspired great conversations. I recommend it to anyone who works with teenage girls. 

 Love Does celebrates open and spontaneous gestures of love and faith. 
A reminder to say "yes" to life. 

 Recommended at a parenting workshop on prayer. I'm only 50 pages in. 

I am intrigued by the idea that the way Jesus "broke the rules"  may be an invitation to know him more intimately. Also interested in new ways to share God's love outside of my church friendships. 

Generation to Generation  is a fairly dense academic read. It's my second time through and I'm revisiting my interest in family systems theory. 

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