Monday, July 25, 2011

my song

my summer song is
the slap of jump rope in the driveway
cicadas screaming in the trees
the crunch of rock salt in the icecream maker
how much longer 'til it freezes?

my autumn song is
the bang of the oven door as pies come out
pages turning in new school books
our car rolling into grandma's driveway
leaves crunching under my boots

my winter song is
the zip of a jacket early in the morning
spoon stirring spiced hot tea
the tumble of birdseed into the feeder
shower of needles from the Christmas tree

my spring song is
the wind stirring branches beyond my reach
rolling thunder storm across the sky
sewing machine hums in the dining room
hushed voices after bedtime as the days fly by

*the photo is wisteria from my backyard.

1 comment:

JWebb said...

Thanks for offering your song to the world.