Friday, March 12, 2010

Going, Going, Gone

a southern girl, a summer girl
takes a while to know her girl
just when the curtain's going up
she's going, going, gone

sometimes bold and sometimes shy
quick to smile and quick to cry
just when I learn to read her eyes
she's going, going, gone

lady, princess, in command
young captain claiming new land
just when tide turns our way
she's going, going, gone

the brass ring and the diamond ring
she doesn't have to choose
I don't want to say goodbye, but
she's going, going, gone

1 comment:

Kathy Kelley said...

This is really good. I am not sure the distinctiobetween the two rings but not the other ring--it did call to mind the ring put in a cows nose, it brought to mind for me a sense of slavery. I only hope it's metaphorical or about sOmeone. Else. My world is so small right now I think everything is about me. And of course it is not.

I think when the author writes in a way that let's us enter the poem, then it is well done indeed. And I entered in away that I don't want to be true, but I did think it was a powerful poem Lori!