Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the word

i was mining for a word
to explain what i couldn't say

you reached into the place
where you keep your own words

words that you hammered
and picked for yourself

and now the word can
become mine too

your word is a key that unlocks
what i was unable to reach on my own

it is a strong and good word
maybe it shouldn't be mine

because i didn't hammer
and pick it for myself

you freely gave
what came to you at great cost

the word isn't diminished (and neither are you)
because in the imparting

it has a new place in which to grow
and a new life of its own

*the image of the uncut amethyst is from


kathy kelley said...

yes but what is the word...i am in serious suspense...i assume it is not nefarious (but that is a new word to me...don't like the meaning but like the word as a word) or maybe it wasn't a word at all and you are speaking in metaphor...dang dang dang double dang

JWebb said...

ahhh, i know the experience well . . . thanks for articulating what lives in me but has yet to find adequate expression.