Friday, June 19, 2009

Laura's Farmhouse

we left the city in the morning
for the drive that curved
through yellow flowers

Solomon the bull
was almost red in the light
handsome and proud

all around were wild woods
where shadows and sun played
on brush, vine and hay

the back porch was just the right
distance from the fence
for shooting at cans

a swing for two
shaded our whispers
where we spun hopeful stories

inside was unfinished and drafty
light-filled and love-settled
a field mouse found me

on the fence a milk weed
set loose her seeds to float
on a lazy southern breeze

life was different there
how much I loved
Laura's farmhouse

*image is from whitegriffinphotography

1 comment:

kathy kelley said...

thank you for writing. i love to read what you right. it brings me lightness and joy.