Friday, August 15, 2008

Your Secret

I've been holding your secret

Your secret is a bird trying to escape from my chest
Wings extending into my ribs and beak pointed at my throat

Your secret is a shining bracelet
that snags on my shirt, begging attention

Your secret is a discreetly packed suitcase
are you coming to re-claim it?

Your secret is a delicate shell in my bucket
that would break with a crooked look

Your secret is locked and bound,
not in me, but in you

Your secret is a prayer
that you can't find the words for

When you laid your secret in the air between us,
what did you hope for?

I'll be holding your secret
until you take it to yourself again

1 comment:

kathy kelley said...

what i like about your words is that each person that reads it reads themselves into the story. beautiful. well done lori!